WPU Student Dies in Stabbing Incident

William Penn fans and students have prepared a memorial for basketball player Marquise Todd, who was killed on Thursday, March 1. Photo by RD Keep

Oskaloosa and the William Penn University community was stunned Friday morning upon news of a stabbing death of an off-campus student. Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation officials and Oskaloosa Police confirmed at a press conference Friday morning that a death investigation is ongoing in Oskaloosa.

Killed was 22-year old Marquis Todd of Woodridge, Ill. According to authorities and confirmed in a press release from DCI, authorities were alerted at 10:50 p.m. Thursday for an altercation at 603 N. Third Street.

When police arrived it was discovered that the victim was at the Jiffy Mart, 315 A Avenue East, approximately five blocks south of the original location. He was taken to Mahaska Health Partnership where he died.

Friday morning, with North Third Street, a direct route to Oskaloosa Middle and High School, cordoned off, students and staff had to find another route to school. Concern for the neighborhood and the school was eased with messages from school superintendent Russ Reiter and police chief John (Jake) McGee.

Reiter sent the following email message to staff Friday morning. “As many of you know, there was a police incident on North 3rd Street last night. I’ve been in contact with the local police and there is no concern for student safety or a need to lock down our schools. It was an isolated incident that should not have any bearing on school safety or our school day.”

Oskaloosa Police officials said they believe there was as minor vehicle accident that happened about a half hour earlier that resulted in the stabbing.

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