Wanders will not face charges after electioneering allegation

Mahaska County Supervisor candidate Steve Wanders handed out candy on the steps of the courthouse during the Oskaloosa Halloween parade on Oct. 30. Despite violation of election laws, wanders will face no criminal charges.

Mahaska County Attorney Jim Blomgren announced on Friday that Mahaska County Supervisor Steve Wanders will not face any charges of election misconduct after allegations of electioneering surfaced in the final week of the hotly contested Mahaska County Supervisor race.

Wanders was photographed handing out candy during the Oskaloosa Trick-or-Treat parade on Oct. 30, with his campaign stickers attached to the candy, while also wearing a campaign t-shirt, outside of the Mahaska County Courthouse. At the time, the courthouse was open for absentee voting.

When the allegations first arose Blomgren stated that Wanders was unlikely to face charges at all.

“It’s more likely I would say that he will receive a warning letter than criminal charges being filed, but I don’t know that for sure,” Blomgren said on Oct. 31.

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