Taxes Key Topic at EGGS AND ISSUES

State representative Guy Vander Linden, left, and state senator Ken Roozeboom listen to a question from the audience during Saturday’s Eggs & Issues. Photo by RD Keep

Tax reform, tax cuts and tax credits were the big topic of discussion at Saturday’s Eggs & Issues at Smokey Row in Oskaloosa. Despite the early morning icing, about 50 people attended the legislative forum.

The bi-monthly event allows area residents to ask questions of state legislators. On hand Saturday was state senator Ken Roozeboom and legislator Guy Vander Linden. Representative Larry Sheets of Moulton was unable to make it in because of the weather. Oskaloosa Mayor David Krutzfeldt moderated the forum sponsored by the Oskaloosa Area Chamber and Development Group.

Both legislators said work would move forward this week in earnest. The first funnel day has passed and some bills have moved from committee to the debate floor in coming days and weeks.

Tax proposals were at the forefront of Saturday’s questions.

Oskaloosa teacher Chad Farner asked what plan is in place in regards to the tax reform to also cover the current shortfall in fiscal year 2018 budget and to meet the demands of the FY2019 budget. Vander Linden said, “That is the question. If we are going to do tax reform and tax cuts, we are a long way from that. If we have tax cuts we are going to have to reduce appropriations.”

Roozeboom addressed the question from a tax code perspective.

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