Supes Seek to Fix Broken System

Mahaska Sheriff Russ VanRenterghem makes a point to county supervisors Mark Groenendyk, Steve Wanders and Steve Parker in discussions about deputy raises. RD Keep/MAP Photo

OSKALOOSA – No one is to blame, but the Mahaska County Supervisors hope to begin a fix of a broken system. The system in question is how county employees are compensated. The issue was discussed at length at the supervisors’ July 1 meeting.

Paul Greufe with PJ Greufe & Associates, who handles human resource issues for Mahaska County, met about conducting a comprehensive study to determine an appropriate salary range based on an employees job tasks, skills and experience, not just job title.

“The current system is broken, Greufe said. “There isn’t any sort of a formal process for evaluating positions,” he said. “So that’s the question mark, is how do we determine what that correct dollar amount is.”

Greufe, who has conducted similar studies in other Iowa counties and communities, said a comprehensive study would benefit Mahaska County and the supervisors to determine the appropriate amount to pay employees.

“It would be an employee-based system, but once and for all we would be developing a system of compensation that would be based not only on their job titles but actually the duties and responsibilities that those employees perform,” he said. “In addition to that, we would reach out to a comparability group to determine what is the market willing to pay for these positions and it would be one size gets put into place and then it addresses all of the compensation concerns we have county-wide.”


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