Supervisors vote to appeal airport ruling, threaten legal action against 911 system

In a stunning move on July 26, the Mahaska County Supervisors approved a motion to appeal a ruling tossing the county’s lawsuit against the regional airport project, as well as a motion to approve a letter threatening legal action against the Mahaska County EMA and E911 commissions over a proposed 911 communication system replacement. The board met in special session as the deadline to file an appeal on the airport lawsuit closed in. Supervisor Mark Groenedyk stated that he had concerns and questions with the ruling that he still wanted answered.

“At our last meeting I said there was some issues that didn’t get resolved in the last ruling. I don’t think it’s ever been addressed by the Supreme Court how long a 28E is valid for,” Groenendyk said. Judge Shawn Showers ruled on June 13, barely one day after hearing oral arguments, that Mahaska County’s attempts to leave a 28E agreement between the County and the Cities of Pella and Oskaloosa that calls for the building of a regional airport between the three entities constitutes breach of contract.

Groenendyk acknowledged that taxpayer dollars had been spent on the lawsuit. He added that appealing the ruling would incur more fees.

“We’ve spent the money this far. The estimate to finish it out is $15,000,” he said.

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