Supervisors seek separate radio bid

During the October 1 meeting, Supervisor Mark Groenendyk dramatically presented this letter, which he said had not been turned over to the Supervisors until recently.

The trio of Mahaska County Supervisors fired the next salvo in the ongoing conflict between the board and the Emergency Management Commission and 911 Service Board. The latest was the decision by the board to seek a bid directly from Motorola, Inc.

Following months of conversations the Supervisors hired a consultant, Ellert and Associates, to assist in determining what the radio work group should do. It

was determined in May to pursue a request for proposals and the Supervisors allowed $15.500 for the process. The work group met with Ellert in June and an RFP went out.

The Emergency Management Commission received just one bid from the RFP process. Racom from Marshalltown was the only company to the request for pro- posal. County supervisor Mark Groenendyk has been vocally dis- pleased at just one bid received.

At Monday’s meeting Groenen-

dyk said he contacted Motoro- la representative for Iowa, Dan Pohl. He had a letter that stated Motorola would decline to sub- mit a bid to the RFP, but request- ed to work with the county to use the Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System.

“I asked them why they did not respond and they said they are 0-or-5 with Ellert in Iowa and they were not going to waste their time dealing with a consultant that did not give them the

opportunity to ever win a bid,” Groenendyk said. “So they said if the county would like to get a bid, they would gladly do that, base it off of state contract. So that’s where that’s at.”

So if there are two bids who would make the final decision? Supervisor Chair Henry “Willie” Van Weelden asked, “Is it in the EMA Commission’s hands or the supervisors’?”

Groenendyk said the final decision has to come down to the supervisors.

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