Supervisors Asks Board to Reassess County Pay Raises

Mahaska County Supervisors Mark Groenendyk, Steve Wanders and Steve Parker met for their bi-monthly meeting Jan. 22 to consider a Compensation Board recommendation for fiscal year 2020 elected officials.

The Supervisors were not pleased with the proposal and will ask the board to reconvene and reconsider their recommendation. Supervisor Steve Wanders said he took exception to a mention in the compensation board’s minutes that referred to the supervisor’s cutting the recommended compensation each year for the past several years.

“I took offense to the minutes reference to past board actions,” said Wanders. “I wasn’t on the board then. Neither was Steve (Parker).”

Board chair Groenendyk said if the supervisors reduce the recommendation it has to be by the same percentage across the board. He said Social Security went up 2.8 percent so the supervisors should meet that amount.

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