Students Thank North Mahaska Board

North Mahaska students Elizabeth Doane (orange shirt) and Macy Moore, right, thanked the school board for allowing them to go on a trip to Costa Rica this past summer. Spanish advisor Rachel Martin, left, made a request for a trip to France and Spain in 2021. RD Keep/MAP Photo

NEW SHARON – Two North Mahaska students asked to speak to the district’s board of directors Monday night as the board was considering a planned trip for 2021. Elizabeth Doane and Macy Moore appeared with their Spanish advisor, Rachel Martin.

Martin, who was on the agenda later in the meeting to discuss a trip to France and Spain, had taken eight students to Costa Rica this past summer.

“We just wanted to come and say thank you for allowing us to go,” the girls said. “It was an amazing experience,” added Moore. “The cultural differences were good to see.”

“We experienced a lot of different foods,” said Doane. “It was not processed food. They made the meals themselves. The portions were not like what we are used to. They were small, but filling.”

Moore talked about the farming operations they saw, which included coffee, cocoa and pineapples. She said the tractors are much smaller, and much of the work is performed by hand. “You don’t see John Deeres or Internationals down there,” said Moore.

Martin said she could not be more proud of the behavior of the students.

“They represented themselves and North Mahaska very well,” said Martin.

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