Schools Work to Recover from Polar Event Weather Causes Problems for drivers

When will it end? That is the question school administrators, athletic directors, road crews and just about anyone else when the discussion turns to the weather. The only ones not complaining as much are those who make their living clearing parking lots and driveways.

No doubt the winter of 2019 will go down as one of the most interesting in recent weather history. Nary a person can remember a time when every school in the state of Iowa closed its doors for one day. But that happened recently as the winter event, known as the polar vortex plunged an area of the United States from North and South Dakota, southward through Missouri and Illinois, and eastward to the Atlantic coast and up to Maine. Temperatures were double-digit below zero and wind chill temperatures ranged from 30-50 below.

Some schools were closed for 5-7 days over a two week period and even on some of the days there were classes the were delayed two hours or were released early. Sporting events and other school activities have been postponed or cancelled. Now comes the arduous task of making sure instructional time requirements are met and contract days are completed.

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