Pizza and Cookies Cookin’ in New Sharon

Sam and Connie Nelson are serving pizza and cookies to all who come through the doors of Papa’s Pizza and Nana’s Cookies in New Sharon. RD Keep Photo

Sometimes a trip to see a movie in New Sharon can be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

That may be an over simplification, but there is some truth to the concept for a Montezuma couple. Sam and Connie Nelson did something like that and the residents of New Sharon are glad they did.

The Nelsons recently opened Papa’s Pizza and Nana’s Cookies at the site of the former Country Inn Pizza. The first three weeks have been exciting and challenging for the couple, who think they are retired.

“I wanted to get out of the factory,” said Connie, who managed an office in manufacturing businesses for many years. “We come down to the movies and we saw the business was for sale. I was down here later and asked to take a look. I called Sam and said you have to come look at this.”

Sam said, “I really didn’t have a choice.

The couple said they were looking for a change and that Connie had been doing cookies for many years and the restaurant was an opportunity to market them.

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