NS Council Works Through Quick Agenda

NEW SHARON – Missing two councilors, the New Sharon City Council worked through a quick agenda dealing mostly with building permits. Councilors Jeff Long and Terry Hudson were absent, but were not needed as all items were approved unanimously.

Before the public hearing, resident Diane Willemsen addressed the council about concerns from trees hanging onto her property. She told councilors that there is some uncertainty as to the ownership of the trees due to a partial alley that runs between her home and Casey’s. The alley trees on the side of Michael Hoksbergen’s garage are hanging over her area to mow. She would like to know if these are the city’s trees in the alley or if they belong to neighbor Michael Hoksbergen.  

Mayor Keri Lamberson told Willemsen that, “If they are the city’s trees we would trim them or if they are Hoksbergen’s trees we would send him a letter to trim the trees.” 

Willemsen also said the tree that is on Casey’s portion of the alley needs to be trimmed as it hangs into her yard. 

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