NM Presents ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’

Willie Wonka (Haleigh Weghorst), second from left, laments Augustus Gloop, who fell into a vat of chocolate and orders an Oopa-Loompa to take care of the body. The scene is from North Mahaska’s performance of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. RD Keep Photo.

Nearly three dozen students at North Mahaska took to the stage this past weekend for the stage performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The show, directed by Brant Bollman, took the stage Friday and Saturday night in the school auditorium.

“I love fantasy,” said Bollman. “I love “James and the Giant Peach” and looked at that, but I thought this how fit the people we have.”

The story is well-known story of Willie Wonka, who was seeking someone to take over the operation of the chocolate factory. While not telling anyone Wonka placed five chocolate bars wrapped in gold and brought the winners to the factory for a tour.

Haleigh Weghorst plays Wonka and deftly weaves the story of the challenging children, Veruca Salt (Ali Edmundson), Augustus Gloop (Isaac Knockel), Ms. Teavee (Emma Terpstra), Violet Beauregard (Elizabeth LaRue, and Charlie Bucket (Seth Sharp) as they meet their demise in accidents at the factory.

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