NM Fifth, Sixth Graders ‘Wonder’ With Kindness

Sixth grade students from North Mahaska Elementary greeted patrons to the Capri Theatre on Sunday afternoon as part of their “Choose Kind” event.

Every day adults shake their heads and ask what is the world coming to. Some say they fear the worst from the youth of our country. In New Sharon there are signs that buck that trend and give hope.

The weekend of Jan. 5-7 was a celebration of kindness initiated by the fifth and sixth graders of North Mahaska Elementary. Their displays of kindness have been infectious, all because they read a book.

The students recently completed reading the book “Wonder,” the 2012 bestseller by R.J. Palacio. The book has come to the big screen this past November starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay. The North Mahaska students used the movie at the Capri Theatre as an opportunity to demonstrate and share kindness with the community.

The movie was shown five times to sold out crowds each time. It was what the students did prior to the showing that may dispel thoughts of concern about young people.

With the help of their teachers the students put together a video with students talking about kindness. Some of the statements included, “Choose kind whether someone is watching or listening;” “When faced with choosing right or wrong, choose kindness;” “Don’t worry about being right, be kind.”

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