NM Board Organizes for Upcoming Academic Year

Much of the June 18 North Mahaska School Board meeting dealt with organizational items for the upcoming school year. At the close of the meeting they held a closed session to evaluate superintendent Angela Livezey.

The meeting included the hiring of a temporary science teacher and signing an agreement with the New Sharon Child Care Center.

Jerry Rempe was approved for a six-month contract to teach junior and senior high science courses. Livezey said that was all the shorter they could write a contract.

“When I looked on Teach Iowa there were 34 science openings across the state,” said Livezey. “I talked to (Pella Superintendent) Greg Ebeling an he said he had hard time finding one last year. “Jerry said he would stay on for the year if necessary. A six-month contract is as short as we can write. We will continue to look.”

Livezey said she was contacting area colleges looking for a midyear graduate that may meet the qualifications as a science teacher. Board members accepted the resignation of Tori Smith as an elementary cook.

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