NM Board Approves Elementary HVAC Contract

Members of the North Mahaska School Board, superintendent Angela Livezey and board manager Cindy Quang met with Harry Heiligenthal is with Iowa School Board Association. They worked through a series of issues school boards may face and talked about resolutions to those problems.

The two-hour session was held prior to the board’s July meeting. Heiligenthal helped the board to see issues from a district perspective versus a personal view. Topics ranged from media and social media perspectives to parent meetings and parent confrontations.

The session resembled a tabletop exercise where participants are given a scenario and work through to possible resolutions. New Sharon resident Steve Davis attended the meeting to have a discussion with the board regarding times when the north entrance gate to the school is closed. Davis said there are times when people turn onto Mulberry Street headed toward the school and see the gate is closed, then have to find a way out. Many times they will go west on Oak Street and north on Elm to get back to Depot Street.

“Sometimes they are frustrated and are speeding by, then when they hit the gravel on Elm they spin out,” said Davis. “I came tonight to see if we could work out some type of resolution. I’m not sure what we could do, but want to work out something.”

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