Mahaskans Earn Century and Heritage Farms Honors

Five Mahaska County farms were among those recognized as Century or Heritage Farms during a ceremony sponsored by Farm Bureau at the Iowa State Fair in August. DeBruin Family Farms, Gatton Farms and Melvin Reed were recognized for farms in the family since 1918.

William and Nadine Drennan, and Barbara Western received the honor for a heritage farm. Iowa Secretary of Agriculture made the presentations.

“I had the opportunity to grow up on a Century Farm in Palo Alto County and saw first-hand the values of perseverance, hard work, care for the land, the importance of family and community, and countless other lessons that come from a life on the farm,” said Naig.

“This point was again driven home for me as I considered the 359 Century Farmers and 148 Heritage Farms I have the honor of helping to recognize during the Iowa State Fair.

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