Linder-Lake Show off Apartment

NEW SHARON – Nearly two years of dreaming, planning, and expending of time and money has come to fruition for a pair of New Sharon entrepreneurs. Jesse Linder and Alan Lake have lived with a project to renovate one of the gem buildings in downtown New Sharon. The building sits on the northeast corner of the corner of Main and Market Streets.

            The building has four apartments upstairs and will have a business space on the ground floor. Linder and Lake have completed the work on the apartments with the first tenant expected to move in within a month.

            “It feels real good to get this far,” said Lake as he showed visitors the spaces. “It has been a long time coming, but I think people like what we have done.”

            The building had three apartments before the renovation but the hallway was broke up. Lake said he and Linder wanted a better flow from the stairwell into the rooms.

            “Jesse did a good job with making this work,” said Lake. “We wanted a flow and we were able to get that.”

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