Helping when they need it most

Members of the New Sharon Fire and Rescue squad made another trip southward to assist with cleanup and repairs following the recent hurricane in Florida. While there they helped two dozen households get back on their feet. They were expected to return home this past weekend.

This story was written when the first group of New Sharon responders went south. Another contingent returned this past weekend.

The forecast looked grim. A major catastrophic hurricane bearing down on the east coast, perhaps one of the strongest that would ever hit the area. Before long, the hurricane category dropped, which to some was a sigh of relief. However, as the forecast became more solid for those in North Carolina, it became quickly apparent that the punch that Hurricane Florence was packing promised to be historic in nature. Warsaw Fire Chief John Blackmore said in an interview with Oskaloosa News that storm was perhaps one of the worst storms in recent memory to hit.

“One of the big storms that everybody talks about here is hurricane Fran… the F storms are usually the storms that hit us it seems like. Fran, Floyd, was similar to this one, it just came and sat on us and put a lot of rain on us. This one here though outdid Floyd quite a bit. With 30.77 inches of measured rain here at the station during the storm, it adds up real quick,” Blackmore said. As the hurricane came through the area, the storm left firefighters with water rescues that were caused by citizens not following directions.

“We had a lot of swift water rescues and water rescues in this area where people simply just didn’t listen,” Blackmore said. “Time after time we were called out to people that simply drove through the water, engine flooded out, and there they sat,” he added.

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