Football Coach Search Begins

Although the search has already been underway for a new varsity football coach at North Mahaska, the board made it official Tuesday night by accepting the resignations of three coaches – conditionally.

That condition is that suitable replacements are found.

Head coach Cass Stubbs and assistants Chris Sampson and Seth Streebing submitted their resignations back in December when the board voted to remain in 11-man football. The three were proponents of going to an 8-man team for two years. Superintendent Angela Livezey said she had received several candidates, but only if there are teaching positions available. The men resigned coaching not their staff positions. She indicated they had one candidate, but the references did not check out.

Board member asked about if the men changed their mind after the one year what the procedure would be.

“They could do that if they wanted,” said Livezey.

Margaret Ratcliff asked about the contracts.

“The coaching contract is separate from their teaching contract,” said Livezey. “It is considered a continuing contract.”

Livezey and the board are interested in an extensive search.

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