Floating Through the Summer in Iowa

EDDYVILLE – High school art students, under the direction of their teacher, Dora Olson, have designed and completed another wall in the Eddyville Blakesburg Fremont District. This time they converged in the conference room on the upper floor of the administration office, painting hot air balloons floating over rolling hills of Iowa farmland.

Since Olson has been with EBF, this is the sixth large mural she has overseen. This past winter, a junior high science room wall was covered with an explosion of color stating, “Science is the Key to Our Future”; in the summer of 2018, high school students created a cheerful design on the cafeteria wall in Fremont; in the summer of 2017, the Eddyville Daycare was brightened with a playful scene; and prior to this, projects were completed at the Eddyville Park, outside the high school art room and some other spot murals throughout the high school building. 

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