Fence Setback Comes Before Council – Again

New Sharon Mayor Dustin Hite accepts a check from Margaret Ratcliff from the Mahaska County Community Foundation for work at East End Park. RD Keep Photo

Issues regarding setbacks for fences and other structures have again come before members of the New Sharon City Council. For years requests have been made to place them on the property line or some distance between that or four feet. The sticky part of the issue is that there are buildings and fences around the city that violate the current ordinance. The ordinance states a four-foot setback must be maintained.

The latest request came for a shed at 208 E. Oak Street, and a fence at 205 S. Pearl by Candace Fogle. Councilors discussed the issue briefly. Councilor Keri Lamberson stated concerns, which have been raised before, is if the fence is on the property line “how does one take care of it or make repairs on the other side.” In order to do maintenance would require going onto a neighbor’s property.

“We have had this discussion before,” said mayor Dustin Hite. “We can take a look at this and possibly change the ordinance. We would have to hold a hearing and go through three readings.”

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