Fence Ordinance Passes Final Hurdle

One of the most controversial issues in recent years has passed the final hearing and once published will become enacted.

The New Sharon City fence ordinance will allow fences to be placed on the property line. Mayor Dustin Hite asked if any councilors had heard anything about the proposed ordinance.

Counselor Keri Lamberson said this issue was more controversial than the change in the water system. Councilor Tom German said he had heard from those who wanted no change, change to two feet and those to move forward with the ordinance.

Councilors said there had been no clear consensus on the wishes on the public. That was apparent when residents have spoken before the council. Comments over the past year have ranged from no change to a 2-foot setback from the property line to the new ordinance placing it on the property line.

Mayor Dustin Hite asked German what were some of the reasons people gave him. He said those who support the property line want more use of their property. A 2-foot barrier, he was told, would be good as most lawn mowers are 22-inch cut and you could mow on both sides.

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