Eddy Council Denies Variance

City councilors are often face with tough decisions. Monday’s meeting in Eddyville was one of them. Resident Monica Burgess had appeared before the council in January respectfully requesting a variance to an ordinance regarding horses within the city limits. Ordinance currently does not permit them.

Burress told the councilors in January their daughter has a severe health condition and one of the treatments to assist is a therapy horse. Burress and her husband are interested in purchasing a property that could allow for fencing and housing of a horse. In January councilors asked her to put the issue on the agenda for consideration.

Monday’s conversation dealt mainly with whether approval would set a precedent. City attorney Heather Simplot said the council could change the ordinance, offer a variance or leave the situation as it is. She said action offering a variance could set a precedent and if changed what animals would be included.

Councilors felt sympathetic to the cause, but none brought forth the motion to approve and the consideration of a variance failed due to the lack of a motion.

Rod Perry appeared in front of the council on behalf of the Eddyville Museum as they seek a grant for a new building. Perry told councilors the museum wishes to erect a 40 by 180 foot building. Estimated costs is $150,000- $160,000. The group was asking only for a letter of support for the project to go into their grant applications.

Council unanimously approved the letter of support.

Read the full story in the February 15 edition.