The Dream of a New Museum Unfolds in Eddyville

Construction continues on the new Eddyville Museum and Communi ty Center.

The year 2019 holds much excitement and will be history- making for Eddyville. This community will move into the future with the new location of the Eddyville Museum, which is well underway and hopefully open for visitors by the summer.

Located at 706 Main Street in Eddyville, the new facility will be divided in two halves – one side housing the Eddyville Museum, and the other half being designed as the Eddyville Community Center. Once completed, the Community Center will be accessible to the public to rent for activities, with restrooms and a kitchenette available.

In their current building downtown, the Eddyville Museum has many highlights on display and still gathers items from the area. The existing collection includes their school room area with pictures of alumni, quilts, a diorama of a Native American village on the river, and other details of the local history – former businesses, past celebrations, and pottery. They also have a very active education committee working with the school, which includes Linda and Phil Bonnett, Jane Groet, Charles Oldham, and others who have given their time with various programs. Over the course of the year, historical presentations are also offered to the public.

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