County employee healthcare cost remains unsolved

OSKALOOSA – Cost to the county and/or county employees remain unresolved following Tuesday’s meeting of the Mahaska County Supervisors. Board members had tabled the issue from its initial January meeting, but had little more information according to board chair Mark Groenendyk.

“I put this on our agenda because it has been a topic of concern for our county for a while,” said Groenendyk. “We have parties that are interested in being the underwriter to try to get us a better rate. Do we want to stay with the same underwriter or go with someone else?”

According to Groenendyk, the county would need to select an underwriter who would then go out for insurance quotes.

Supervisor Steve Parker asked if they would be comparing “apples to apples.” Groenendyk said you have to look at the underwriters and see what services they would provide county employees, then they would write the plan and send it out to the insurance companies. Groenendyk asked county attorney Andrew Ritland if the board needed a request for proposal to seek an underwriter. Ritalnd said no, but if the county were to do so it would extend the time in order to receive the proposals, evaluate them, then receive the insurance quotes and likely would not meet the March deadline for budget certification.

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