Could there be a hanging in Fremont?

Mad scientist Bernard Zapotka (Bill Ward), far right, informs everyone they have ingested a truth serum and now must tell the truth. Reacting is Sam (Charles Hixenbaugh), Det. Raney (Ryan Keep), Abby’s mother (Sherri Baxter), Abby (Dixie Albertson), and Mom Hackle (Sharon Ringlestein. The comedy Suitable for Hanging opens Feb. 13-17 at Fremont School. RD Keep | MAP Photos

FREMONT – Abby can’t figure out why Charlie did not show up for their wedding. Abby’s mother isn’t so sure that is such a bad thing. Charlie is perplexed how hve could have missed the happiest day of his life. In fact, Charlie is missing one whole day of his life and Abby is ready to kill him.

Such is the case in the Fremont Lions Club Community Theatre production of “Suitable for Hanging.” The two-act comedy will hit the Fremont School stage Feb. 13-16.

This marks the 37th year the players have taken the stage to offer up a brand of humor only the Fremont Players can dish out. Once again Bill Ward and Mark Hanson take center stage. The duo has acted in every production. This year they pose as “mad scientists.”

Charlie (Ron Reed) is engaged to Abby (Dixie Albertson) and was to be married on a Friday. Abby’s mother (Sherri Baxter) is not impressed with Charlie or his roommate (Charles Hixenbaugh), his messy apartment, nor the female “characters” (Payton Scharff) and (Dollie Horn) they find trapesing about the apartment.

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